Jul 14, 2020


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The professional responsible for the development of athletes or "Player Development Coach", is a pivotal part of a team’s technical committee, since he has the responsibility to continuously monitor, improve and develop the skills of the players through court training. 


Another function that has been much sought after by athletes who are out of their season or when undergoing a recovery process after an injury, is the “Skill Coach”, which is more focused on fundamentals aspects and movements repetitions.


Meet or recall some professionals who have the gift of making the performance of professional and high-performance athletes even better than they actually are:  



Rico Hines, graduated from UCLA where he played for 3 seasons, he was an athlete development assistant at the Golden State Warriors and is now a Player Development Coach at Sacramento Kings, where he works closely with players throughout the season to help them in general development, both in preparation for games and in off-season practices. Hines, organizes the UCLA RUN clinic with big names in the NBA, the same ones who also look for him because they know of the possibility of having him as a personal trainer.  



Phil Handy, is one of the most praised and recognized coaches in the NBA for developing his work with an emphasis on improving footwork, balance and ball control with a focus on all positions. Handy's trajectory is extensive, he was a coach assistant to the Toronto Raptors, Sacramento Kings, Cleveland Cavaliers and today he is in the Los Angeles Lakers, executing the same function, in addition to having an introductory basketball program dedicated to the base. From Kobe to Kyrie, to Lebron and Kawhi, they are just a few examples of great names with whom he worked closely. Brooklyn Nets recently stated that he has Phil Handy on his radar to occupy the position of coach of the New York team.



Dave Aldape, has his basketball program at DePaul University for children and teenagers who have already started playing. He is also a NBA Skill Coach and works on the development and performance of the Chicago Bulls center, Cristiano Felício. After he injured his hand, Dave took great care in his recovery process. The practice of fundamentals and short and repetitive movements has brought satisfactory results ever since the center returned to the courts.


Danilo Castro
played professionally at Mogi Basketball  for a few years. Today, reflecting his successful career, he is sought out by NBB athletes for individual practices when they are out of season. Head of the D14 Basketball Academy, a project aimed at the practice of sports for young people, he is also a commentator for Band Sport on Bandeirantes T.V. Network and works as a basketball instructor at the Competition Gym, where he also organizes weekly pick-up games for guests.



Chris Brickley, started his career as a assistant coach at Fairleigh Dickinson University, then, at the suggestion of Phil Jackson, was hired by the New York Knicks as an athlete development coach for 4 seasons. Today he does an excellent job as a basketball instructor with a focus on serving great NBA athletes, becoming one of the best-known stars in the league, although off the court. Brickley has attracted the attention of a crowd due to his popularity, lifestyle and the bridge he makes with other universes, such as fashion and Hip Hop.



Cristal Rocha, is a physical education teacher, basketball trainer and athlete of the 3x3 Brazilian Team, where she became an ambassador of the sport. With her experience acquired throughout her career, she has developed a very consistent work in the training and development of young people who intend to learn or improve the practice of basketball.



Rogério Martins, focuses his work on the training and development of athletes for basketball Brazilian university teams.  Both a teacher of physical education and a coach,  he combines in its practices the training in the field, the strength, the conditioning and the education of the basketball through all its fundamentals.



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